Introduction to Platform

For all kinds of AI innovation, from entrepreneurship, enterprises to social organizations, the Platform not only provides as a safe, reliable and open substrate to address the need of research and development resources, but also supporting the 2018 China International Big Data Fusion Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Global Competition.

The main advantages of the Platform include:

  1. This is an important platform not only for launching the National Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition, but also an important window for the BigData Expo 2018 to showcase the achievements of China's artificial intelligence development to the world. For the outstanding teams from the competition, Guiyang Municipal Government will provide a series of preferential incentives to encourage more research and development on the platform, incubate the achievements, and eventually, to facilitate the landing of innovation.
  2. Provides Intel's industry-leading AI technologies and technical consulting services.
  3. The platform will provide AI evaluation and certification at a national level of authority
  4. With innovation incubator and accelerator, the Platform provides innovative enterprises the opportunities of market adoption, coaching and funding.

Computing Resources Supported