Our Mission

China has become an important source of innovation and a strong engine of growth in the world's artificial intelligence industry. People's Government of Guiyang City, Intel (China), China Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance (CAIIIA) are unanimously optimistic about the development prospects of artificial intelligence. Under the guidance of the national industrial policy, the Artificial Intelligence Open and Innovative Platform (chinaopen.ai) is established based on successful ecosystem experience and comprehensive, end-to-end technologies. Through the cooperation among government, industry, research/education and market, the Platform will consolidate the momentum of innovation from above, while combining promotion push and capital pull, to serve hundreds of AI startups by facilitating the application creation and finally the solution landing.

As the core area of ​​the first national big data initiative pilot, Guiyang City is collaborating with Intel (China), renowned as the AI industry leader, and China Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance (CAIIIA), the first national AI alliance of China, to create an open platform to foster AI innovation from a close cooperation among government, industry and academic research. Relying on the comprehensive policy support and infrastructure, Guiyang City is laying down the foundation of being "China Data Valley". In order to achieve that, the Platform not only provides as an exchange of innovation, but also facilitates incubation with the setup of AI innovation lab and technology validation testbed, and finally, through the wide promotion, intensive training and innovation competition, to accelerate the market adoption and uplift the overall AI industry to a higher level.

Prior to this, Guiyang City has made the industry to be aware of being "Dare to be the First" in the forefront of data aggregation, open application and policy of management. With this tripartite alliance, enterprises in the industry will be taking off from starting their venture on the platform.

Our Strength

AI Computing Resources

  • High performance server of based on Intel® Xeon®, Xeon Platinum®, Xeon Phi®,along with Intel® FPGA Device, Neural Compute Stick, and so on.


  • 6800㎡ of space sharing and services
  • Designated office space, public space and meeting hall.
  • Administrative personnel sharing

Facilitation of Innovation

  • Intel® AI Innovation Accelerator
  • Entrepreneurial mentorship
  • Resource support to innovative technology
  • Team project demonstration
  • Project landing and financing

Best-of-class AI cloud services

  • Platform customization services
  • AI application development support
  • Assessment and validation to AI applications
  • Platform/infrastructure support
  • Optimization service along with Intel® framework

Top-of-class software and teams

  • Comprehensive toolkit and software for the development
  • Focused technical support and expert resources

Massive amount of data to provide

  • Security data
  • Video camera data
  • Medical/health data